# Admin Console

The SearchBlox Admin Console allows you to:

  • [Configure Collections](🔗)

  • [Configure Search Settings](🔗)

  • [Configure Secure Search](🔗)

  • [View/Export Search Analytics](🔗)

  • [Configure Admin Settings](🔗)

## **Accessing the Admin Console**

  • The Admin Console is accessible through a web-based browser: [http://localhost:8080/searchblox/admin/main.jsp](🔗).

  • When you access SearchBlox for the first time, you will see the License Agreement. Click on "I Agree" after reading through the License Agreement to get to the login page for the admin console.

  • A temporary password will be displayed on the login page after you accept the SearchBlox license agreement. Log in using the temporary password, then store the password or change the password once you login.


## **Accessing Admin Dashboard**

After you login, you will be directed to the Admin Dashboard tab of the console. The Admin Dashboard menu has the following sections: [Collections Dashboard](🔗) [Search Settings](🔗) [Secure Search Settings](🔗) [Analytics](🔗) [Admin](🔗) Superadmin, SBAdmin, Admin users, and Manager users have access to all sections on the menu.