DeepDetect and SearchBlox together allow you to classify images using machine learning. JSON REST API is used to connect DeepDetect to SearchBlox

# **DeepDetect**

DeepDetect is a deep learning API and server written in C++11. It makes state-of-the-art deep learning easy to work with and integrate into existing applications.

For more details on DeepDetect and installation procedure please refer to: [](🔗) [](🔗)

# **Integrating with SearchBlox**

The steps to connect DeepDetect to SearchBlox are provided below:

  1. Create custom collection in SearchBlox.


  1. Follow the steps for setting up an image classifier listed here: [](🔗)

  2. DeepDetect and SearchBlox use the same port 8080, so start DeepDetect with ./dede -port 8888 in order to avoid conflict.

  3. Tag and index a URL image in a single call. There are two options: a. indexing categories as keywords:

b. indexing categories and scores into meta: