Index Custom Collection - rest/v2/api/add

XML Tag/JSON keyAttributeValue
searchbloxLicenseidLicense value from license.xml file
apikeyAPI key from https://localhost:8443/console?page=admin&tab=license.
documentcolnameName of the custom collection
documentLocationValue of file location (http://... or c:\documents...)
urlURL value to be returned with search results.
uidAssigned unique identifier for a document (the URL is used as uid when unassigned)
titleTitle value of search results.
titleboostBoost value range from 1-10
keywordsKeyword value of document
keywordsboostBoost value range from 1-10
contentContent of document
contentboostBoost value range from 1-10
descriptionDescription of search result
descriptionBoostBoost value ranage from 1-10
lastmodifiedDate in format 07 May 2015 06:19:42 GMT
sizeSize value
alphaText value for sorting
contenttypeType of content value (HTML, PDF, etc..,)
categoryValue of category
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