Add Featured Result - /rest/v2/api/ads/create

JSON Payload

JSON FieldsValue
apikeyAPI key accessible in the Dasboard > Collections > License. It is also present in the config.xml file.
titleTitle of the ad.
urlURL for the ad.
uidUnique id for the ad.
Note: Each ad should be given unique ID
startDateStart date to display the ad.
expiryDateExpiry date for the ad.
expiryCountExpiry count, i.e., number of times the ad has to be displayed.
priorityPriority in which the ad has to be displayed. The value has to be given in numbers eg 1, 2, 3 as per the priority.
activeThis is to activate the ad while creating.
When value is true the ad will be activated while creating.
When value is false the ad will be deactivated while creating.
keywordTypeFor Keyword Match the value is keyword
For Phrase Match the value is phrase
For Exact Match the value is exact
keywordsFieldTypeWhether it is words or string or keywords URL.
The value can be STRING for keywords and URL for keywords URL.
keywordsThe list of keywords for the ads.
keywordsurlThe keywords URL for the ads.
typeThe type of ad, whether TEXT or GRAPHIC.
descriptionDescription of the ad.
imageUrlIf the ad is a graphic, then the image URL has to be given in this field.
useDatesWhether to use start and end dates for the ads.
keywordsphraseIf keywords are to be taken as phrase then the value has to be entered as true.
collectionsThe list of collections separated by comma for which the ads are to be displayed.
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