Update Collection Path - /rest/collection/updatePath

JSON Payload

JSON Fields



API key accessible in the Dasboard > Collections > License. It is also present in the config.xml file


Name of the collection


The root URL is the starting URL for the spider. It requests this URL, indexes the content, and follows links from the URL. Make sure the root URL entered has regular HTML HREF links that the spider can follow.


allowpath limits the spider to stay only within the given path or list of paths.
Eg: https://www.searchblox.com/ (Informs the spider to stay only within the searchblox.com site)


disallowpath is the path or list of paths that you do not want the spider to crawl or index


allowformat are the file types that are to be indexed. File types other than those specified here will not be indexed
File type values that can be specified in JSON request in allowformat field for supported formats

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