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Log spammed with "Preemptive authentication failed"

We're not using any auth for Searchblox, yet the console output is full of 254945 [default-indexingActor-http-dispatcher-6] WARN o.a.c.h.HttpMethodBase - Preemptive authentication failed 255478 [default-indexingActor-http-dispatcher-6] WARN o.a.c.h.a.HttpAuthenticator - Default credentials for www.ourdomain.com not available How can I stop these ?

Opps. There has been an error

Hello, I am trying to use the REST-API. I am using Postman for testing. I keep getting the error "Oops. There has been an error". That is not the most helpful error message :). Is there any way to determine what is actually wrong? Here are the values i have been using: POST: { "apikey" : "9FC294740BBFE0EB31CC80A672953990", "document" : { "colname" : "HTTPCollection", "url" : "http://bowmanandbrooke/attorneys/y/skutta-mike", "uid" : "http://bowmanandbrooke/attorneys/y/skutta-mike", "location":"http://bowmanandbrooke/attorneys/y/skutta-mike", "alpha" : "string", "size" : "44244", "title" : "Text", "keywords" : "keywords", "description" : "SearchBlox Content Search Software", "content" : "content", "lastmodified" : "14 January 2015 06:19:42 GMT", "contenttype" : "HTML" } } Some of the values are the same as noted here: https://developer.searchblox.com/reference#restv1apicoldelete-1 I have been using the FREE version of SearchBlox. Is the REST API supported in the free version? I have requested a 30 day license for development. Thanks, Mike

Set the timeout for search results to return

Is there a way to set a max time for a timeout for search results to be returned?

Bug: update download has different Jetty port to Amazon AMI

The Amazon AMI runs on port 80, the update download specifies port 8080. This causes access to be lost after applying an update.

Javascript Library Updates - jquery and prototype.js

I'm using Searchblox 8.6.7 which appears to be using some outdated javascript libraries. A recent security scan flagged these as an issue: search/admin/Bootstrap/js/jquery.js search/scripts/prototype.js in Searchblox 8.6.7 it appears the versions are: Jquery version: 1.7.1 and Prototype version: 1.5.0_rc1 Looking at Jquery it seems the latest version is 1.12.4 Prototype latest version is 1.7.3 Is there an update to SearchBlox to bring these Javascript libraries up to date?

java path setting

what is the system variable for java

Is it possible to rewrite results URLS

This is the result URL that's being presented http://kalpwvappsrbl01:8080/searchblox/servlet/FileServlet?url=\\KALWEBIIS01\$PPDocs\Long Term Care\Administration\LTCA_22.doc&col=10 We'd like to rewrite a portion of it - replacing \\KALWEBIIS01\$PPDocs\ with http://kaleidascope.kaleidahealth.org/policies/ Is this possible?

Batch Add

Can you add more than one document to index at a time with a custom collection?

Extra backslash in results

In our results, we're receiving URLs that contain an extra backslash in the path in the ppPath parameter. Returned URL: http://kaleidascope.kaleidahealth.org/Policies/Policy_procedure.asp?ppPath=Corporate\\340B Actual URL: http://kaleidascope.kaleidahealth.org/Policies/Policy_procedure.asp?ppPath=Corporate\340B Some of our search results appear to contain an extra \ in the URL, which is causing the page load to fail. This does not occur with every result.

extra space between faceted search collection

Hi, we have an installation of the latest version and have noticed that on our faceted search if the characters are on character too long we get an extra space like this: Bullet Uncategorized (1234) Bullet Work Product Document Bank (9999) (EXTRA LINE) Bullet Announcements (123) If I go into the browser's developer tools and adjust the "9999" buy deleting one 9, then the extra line disappears. Can you tell me what I can do to the CSS to fix this problem? Thanks so much.