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Opps. There has been an error


I am trying to use the REST-API. I am using Postman for testing. I keep getting the error "Oops. There has been an error". That is not the most helpful error message :). Is there any way to determine what is actually wrong?

Here are the values i have been using:


"apikey" : "9FC294740BBFE0EB31CC80A672953990",
"document" : {
"colname" : "HTTPCollection",
"url" : "http://bowmanandbrooke/attorneys/y/skutta-mike",
"uid" : "http://bowmanandbrooke/attorneys/y/skutta-mike",
"alpha" : "string",
"size" : "44244",
"title" : "Text",
"keywords" : "keywords",
"description" : "SearchBlox Content Search Software",
"content" : "content",
"lastmodified" : "14 January 2015 06:19:42 GMT",
"contenttype" : "HTML"

Some of the values are the same as noted here: https://developer.searchblox.com/reference#restv1apicoldelete-1

I have been using the FREE version of SearchBlox. Is the REST API supported in the free version? I have requested a 30 day license for development.