Version 9.2


  • Dynamic Content collection to Index dynamic web content created with Javascript and Single Page Application (SPA).
  • New Security aware Search API endpoint
  • Redesigned SearchBlox Search Analytics with support for external database
  • ‘Last-Modified’ value for HTTP collection can be selected from the header, special header or metadata from HTML
  • Field-Level Searchable Data Encryption for HTTP, Dynamic Content, Custom (API), Database & CSV collections
  • New Sensitive Security Role for search on encrypted data
  • ADFS authentication support for crawler within HTTP collection
  • Support for Custom Header ‘X-Correlation-ID’ for end-to-end analytics
  • New LDAP/AD User Security Groups to limit access to specific collections
  • New data connectors bringing total to 150 out-of-the-box SearchBlox connectors


  • Allow use of urllen field using REST API
  • Update to Index API to update document meta fields
  • Secure Search Settings improvements
    • Internal Authentication as SearchBlox Realm
    • LDAP/AD Realm for Document and Collection Based Security
  • Two new scheduling options in HTTP, Filesystem and S3 collections (Refresh index once in 48 hours and once in 96 hours)
  • New search parameter ‘adsize’ to control the number of featured results
  • Option to clear all featured results within the admin console
  • Filter by collection option for featured results within the admin console
  • Display total number of featured results
  • Ability to index Created and Modified tags for PDF file
  • Ability to add a description to Graphic Ad featured result
  • New Limit field in Featured Results list API to limit the number of featured results
  • Ability to reset password in Admin dashboard for self (Manager Users)
  • New SearchBlox Analyzer - sb_analyzer_alphanumeric
  • Option to select Auto Suggest source for the search form


  • Performance issue with Amazon S3 and Database collection
  • Case sensitivity issue while importing the featured results CSV file
  • Issue with the title which has period character
  • Issue with title mapping in Database, CSV, MongoDB, S3 collections
  • UI Issue with Add Document Acknowledgement
  • Update to Acknowledgement with Featured Result API for Activate Ad
  • Indexing issue for Category meta field
  • IE Browser Compatibility Issues
  • Secure search authentication logging within securesearch.log
  • Support for multiple phrases in Featured Results with Phrase Match Type