Version 8.6.8


  • added: API to return UID of an indexed document
  • added: API to return collection ID for a collection name
  • added: API to delete all featured results
  • added: API for popular search queries
  • added: API for related search terms
  • improved: Exact match and phrase match in featured results
  • improved: Increase in size of keywords to 2096 in featured results
  • improved: Indexing multiple domains while indexing sitemaps
  • fixed: Issue with indexing meta property in a web page
  • fixed: Issue with title while indexing specific documents due to encoding
  • fixed: Issue with displaying status in "Add Documents" section in HTTP collection
  • fixed: Issue with indexing more than three database, AWS S3 collections
  • fixed: Issue with keyword as phrase in Featured Results
  • fixed: Issue with combination of advanced search parameters
  • fixed: Browser compatibility issue in faceted search with IE