Version 9.2.2


  • Private/Public Collection Type to support Search Authentication
  • Added LDAP Security Groups Naming Convention as per Microsoft Naming Format
  • Multi Sorting Functionality with Sort Parameters Sort1, Sort2 and Sort3
  • New Analyzer: category_analyzer to Retain the Case Sensitive Values


  • Added dataui plugin as a part of Core Version
  • Automatic Cache Settings Update with Collection Creation
  • Collections Dashboard - Queries Column is now Sortable
  • Added Configurable setting for Dashboard Collections Display along with Jump to Collections Display
  • Enabled Log Setting for Collection Types - Database, MongoDB, CSV and S3
  • Integration Support for OKTA with AD Authorization
  • Manager User Role Limitation Added for Security Tab
  • Modify Button Added to Update LDAP Security Group Collections
  • Refresh Functionality Support for Non Reachable Documents
  • SSO Login - SearchBlox Account Logout Feature
  • Support Added for SSO Case Insensitive Usernames
  • Support for Multiple Collections Indexing with Same Schedule Time
  • Updated Search UIs Look and Feel - plugin, email, ecommerce, tabbed, database, dataui


  • Database Collection - De-Indexing Issue with Larger Date Sets
  • Admin Tool Session Time Out Now Made Configurable
  • UI Fix for Featured Results Title and Description Cannot be Saved with Decoded Ampersand Special Character
  • HTML File Type Documents Indexing Issue
  • Indexing Issue with empty noindex tags
  • PDF Document Index without Modified Date Property Issue
  • PDF Indexing Issue with Documents Duplicate Subject Field
  • Queries Count Log Issue with Unconfigured Collections
  • Search UI Break Issue with Special Character and with Facets
  • SearchBlox UI Custom Date Filter
  • TitleSnippet not applied to PDF extracted title