Version 10.3

[New] - SearchAI SmartFAQs
[New] - API to check collection Index Status
[New] - Multi sorting functionality
[New] - API to add/update collection Synonyms
[Fixed] - Spelling Suggestions when Stemming is enabled
[Fixed] - Proxy Password Decryption
[Fixed] - Log Rotation
[Fixed] - Featured Results export

Vulnerability Issue Fixes

[Fixed] - Vulnerable version of the library 'moment.js' updated
[Fixed] - Possible 403 Bypass
[Fixed] - Code injection
[Fixed] - Host header poisoning
[Fixed] - Lack of resources and rate limiting
[Fixed] - Frameable response (potential Clickjacking)
[Fixed] - Information Leakage (Improper Error Handling)
[Fixed] - Vulnerable version of the library 'bootstrap' updated
[Fixed] - Strict Transport Security Misconfiguration
[Fixed] - Detailed Error Messages Revealed
[Fixed] - Source code disclosure
[Fixed] - Interesting Header(s)
[Fixed] - Lack or Misconfiguration of Security Header(s)
[Fixed] - Information Leakage
[Fixed] - Content Sniffing not disabled