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vmware design content and linkage steps

Team SearchBlox - Do you have specific content around how to install SearchBlox on VMWARE Virtual Machines ? Trying to see if there is overview that helped us with out plans in my company.

java path setting

what is the system variable for java

Opps. There has been an error

Hello, I am trying to use the REST-API. I am using Postman for testing. I keep getting the error "Oops. There has been an error". That is not the most helpful error message :). Is there any way to determine what is actually wrong? Here are the values i have been using: POST: { "apikey" : "9FC294740BBFE0EB31CC80A672953990", "document" : { "colname" : "HTTPCollection", "url" : "http://bowmanandbrooke/attorneys/y/skutta-mike", "uid" : "http://bowmanandbrooke/attorneys/y/skutta-mike", "location":"http://bowmanandbrooke/attorneys/y/skutta-mike", "alpha" : "string", "size" : "44244", "title" : "Text", "keywords" : "keywords", "description" : "SearchBlox Content Search Software", "content" : "content", "lastmodified" : "14 January 2015 06:19:42 GMT", "contenttype" : "HTML" } } Some of the values are the same as noted here: https://developer.searchblox.com/reference#restv1apicoldelete-1 I have been using the FREE version of SearchBlox. Is the REST API supported in the free version? I have requested a 30 day license for development. Thanks, Mike

Upgrade / new version allert

Hi, Is there a subscribe e-mail list to get notifications on upgrades / new versions of SearchBlox? Thanks in advance, Frank