Version 10.1

What's New

  • SearchBlox PreText Integration with Hugging Face Inference API

  • Caching to improve Search Performance

  • SAML Configurable Settings for Entity ID

  • DocuSign Datasource Indexing through Connectors UI Framework


  • PreText - New Signup Process

  • Search Core UIs bundled with 10.1 - Code Optimization, PreText Integration, Accessibility Improvements

  • 508 Compliance for Admin Console UI

  • Connectors UI Framework Enhancements

  • Encryption Support for Amazon S3

  • Indexing Title with Specific Special Characters

  • SQL Support for JOIN Queries for MySQL, PostgreSQL & MSSQL Server

  • Allow the ‘cname’ parameter with AutoSuggest Search API

  • PDF Document Preview from Search Results Page

  • To support rank parameters with Search API Endpoint

  • Support for ADFS 2.0 and 3.0

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Issue with Search Context Display

  • Fixed: AutoComplete API is Case Sensitive

  • Fixed: AutoSuggest Exclude Query Terms from Querylogs

  • Fixed: Clear and Refresh Schedule Functionality through Config

  • Fixed: Password Expiry for SearchBlox User

  • Fixed: Collection Duplication in Config File

  • Fixed: Duplicate Key Error with JPG Image Indexing

  • Fixed: ConnectorsUI service merged with Linux installation and SearchBlox Start and Stop

  • Fixed: Collection Language Types - Czech, Vietnam, Slovenian

  • Fixed: URL Fix for Featured Result Creation using API Endpoint