Version 10.0

What’s New & Improved

Web Interface Enhancements & Crawling

  • New Admin console & Search UI Interface which is simple and easy to understand.

  • New collection type to crawl Adobe Experience Manager content.

  • New Combined Collection to support merging 2 collections content and data fields.

  • Dynamic Form Authentication Support for the crawler

  • Ability to upload CSV file and preview the data through CSV Collection

  • Ability to add Custom Fields for a collection through the Admin console.

  • SearchBlox now supports crawling data from 326 data sources

Search & Integration

  • Embed Search Code - Simpler UI makes search integration easier.

  • Embed Voice Search anywhere within your Search page to enable voice interactions.

  • Relevance Tuning preview which lets you adjust relevance using pre-made templates or new templates you can create.

  • Ability to pin specific results to a specific query at a specific position using MRank.

  • Popular queries shown directly in the search suggestion box

Advanced Features

  • Integrated PreText automated processing (NLP) for intelligent titles and descriptions generation.

  • Integration for SearchAI features like SmartSuggest, Answers, Personalization and ChatBot.

  • Support for SaaS SmartSuggest integration using Search UI template and Plugin facet.js configuration

  • SearchBlox supports builtin OpenSearch, Elasticsearch, AWS OpenSearch Service and Elastic Cloud for backend integration.


  • Analytics & Insights to identify the queries that need to be tuned and URLs that need optimization.


  • Ability to view the monitoring reports, Analytics status and Elasticsearch nodes Memory utilization from Admin console

  • Rollback Configuration, Snapshot and Restore configuration and Reset Configuration Features

  • Easy to setup Cluster mode through the Admin console.

  • Easy to setup SSO (Single Sign-On) configuration for Admin console.

Software upgrades

  • Enhanced security with software upgrades - ElasticSearch Opendistro upgraded to 7.10.2 and Jetty Server version upgraded to 10.0.6


  • Ability to create SearchBlox user in email format

  • Ability to create public collection using SearchBlox REST API