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Internal Secure Search

Internal Secure Search or Internal Authentication

Secure Search based on internal authentication is available from SearchBlox version 8.6.3 later.

Steps to enable Internal Secure Search

  1. Go to Search -> Security and click Enable Internal search.
  1. Access the secure search using the link
    By default, you should be able to log in to secure search using superadmin credentials. After users are created, all four types of users will have access to search. Based on the user's role or group allocated the collections would be filtered in results. Refer to this link for more details:
  2. If you want all default searches to redirect to secure search, then go to Settings and enable force secured search and click save.
  1. Accessing regular or faceted search will redirect you to the secure search page.

Perform secure search using your credentials.

User-Based Search

  • Super Admin, Admin and Business users can access all collections.
  • Manager users can access collections created by Managers with the same group (i.e, same role).

Role-Based Search

  • Role-based search can be enabled using the group parameter
  • External applications can limit search collections to specific roles associated with specific collections using the parameter group
    Example : &group=hr
    Refer to this link for more details: http://localhost:8080/searchblox/servlet/SearchServlet?query=test&group=hr
  • Users can also specify multiple groups as shown below:
    Example: &group=hr,sales,finance

Internal Secure Search

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