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Welcome to the SearchBlox developer documentation. Here you will find comprehensive technical documentation to help you start working with SearchBlox as quickly as possible, as well as support if you get stuck. Let's jump right in!


Installing on Linux

Installation as Application


Install OpenJDK 8 on Linux prior to installing SearchBlox, and ensure it uses the default Java runtime. You can install OpenJDK 8 by running the following command:
su -c "yum install java-1.8.0-openjdk"
yum install wget

Steps for Installation

  • SearchBlox can be installed by running the following command in path /opt :
    curl -s | sh
  • Check if the /etc/hosts file has an entry for the assigned IP address and host name. Restart the server once that is set up.
  • vi /etc/hostname
  • Manually run /opt/searchblox/startSearchBlox first (and then CTRL-C to kill after it is up and running) before the “service searchblox start” command is run.
  • Go to http://localhost/searchblox/admin/main.jsp in your browser, accept the license agreement and log in using the credentials: username: admin|password: admin
  • By default there would be one HTTP collection with root URL as, you can update your root URL if required. The collection can be indexed by clicking the index button from dashboard or Index subtab
  • Click on the DashBoard sub-tab under Collections to view the indexing status.
  • By default Searchblox would run with free license where you would be able to use one collection only. To try another collection you can delete the existing one and create another.
  • Go to http://localhost/searchblox/search.jsp or http://localhost/searchblox/plugin/index.html to start searching.

Running SearchBlox as Service

  • To start/stop/restart the service, use the following commands:
    sudo service searchblox start
  • To stop the service, use the following commands:
    sudo service searchblox stop
  • To restart the service, use the following commands:
    sudo service searchblox restart


If you notice startup issues with SearchBlox on Ubuntu, please fix the issue by stopping SearchBlox and deleting the following jar file

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Installing on Linux

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