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Regular Search

Regular search can be performed on collections by accessing the URL http://localhost:8080/searchblox/search.jsp.
By default, all the collections are selected. To limit the search to a few collections, uncheck the remaining collections and perform the search.

Using Search Templates

SearchBlox provides the following templates, which you can either modify or customize to suit your needs.

  • category.xsl
  • clustered.xsl
  • default.xsl
  • eml.xsl
  • featured_results_top.xsl
  • frame.xsl
  • graph.xsl
  • highlight.xsl
  • opensearch.xsl
  • pagesort.xsl
  • rss.xsl
  • rss2.xsl
  • tabbed.xsl

Searchblox also displays results in the following formats:

  • XML
  • JSON

Features in Regular Search

Download as Zip
Search results from file collections can be downloaded by clicking the Download Archive link as shown in the screenshot below.

Files can be downloaded using the URL below by specifying the Download as Zip parameter. The Zip Size parameter is used to specify the number of files to be downloaded.

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Regular Search

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