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Deploying on Azure

Deploying search on the Microsoft Azure cloud simplifies the process of directly indexing documents and websites. SearchBlox can be installed on Azure Windows or Linux VM, and the SearchBlox server can be accessed from within the Azure cloud or from any external platform.

Step 1 – Set up Cloud VM on Azure
To set up an Azure VM cloud instance, at least 16 GB RAM, 4 CPU cores and 100GB disk are required. Higher document or data volumes will require 32 GB and 8 cores for faster search service.

Step 2 – Download SearchBlox
Depending on the type of OS (Windows or Linux), download and install as a service using the steps provided in our documentation.
Installing on Windows
Installing on Centos, RHEL
Installing on Ubuntu

Step 3 – Set up your collections on the SearchBlox Server
Once the service is installed, go to http://localhost:8080/searchblox/admin/main.jsp to set up your collections. Log in using username: admin and the auto-generated temp password.

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Deploying on Azure

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